The Gay Quandary

In this space I am going to try to tackle a pretty complicated issue. I thought about just wading into these posts with a light first offering, but that has never been my way, and I thought…Why start doing that now? So here we go.

In our culture there are several cultural and societal issues that simply cannot be properly addressed in a quick sound bite or a Tweet. The subject of homosexuality in our culture, and the church’s response, is certainly one of these issues. There is, first off, a simple axiom that I go by when it comes to any particular sin, and in no case is it more fitting than with this particular sin, and it is this: I will neither condone nor condemn.

In the case of homosexuality, I feel it inherently wrong for me to drift to either the camp that condones what the Word clearly calls sin, or to the camp that condemns those who are trapped or blinded by this sin. It appears that most church denominations are drifting to one or these two extremes. Few are actively pursing a reasoned and nuanced response. And fewer are welcoming of those who are trapped yet want to find true freedom.

In all honesty, I believe that the issue of homosexuality has been horribly mishandled by the church. Part of the issue is the way the Enemy has painted us into a corner.  According to the Word of God, it is not proper to either condone or to condemn any sinful act. Listen to that folks: It is not proper for us to either condone or condemn ANY form of sin. We are not sinless….None of us, but we are called to abstain from sin as much as possible and to not embrace any form of sin. Yet we still find space to play the judge.

For some, they sin with gluttony. For others, it is ignoring the poor. It may be cheating on taxes or an algebra test. It might be adultery, lust, consuming porn, abusing alcohol, arrogance, coveting, thefts, or a pride-filled heart. It could be anger that takes root in a man’s heart, or he is racist either outwardly or inwardly. None of these are to be condoned or condemned. The Lord is clear that if someone is in sin we should lovingly warn them from that wicked way….not to be judgmental or hypocritical, but act purely OUT OF LOVE. Yet it seems that we have reserved a special allotment of condemnation for those who identify as homosexual, like none of us ever struggle with sin.

Here is the key: I love my homosexual friends and my YR sons who are practicing homosexuality. When we get together, the conversation does not go to who they are sleeping with or what they are doing behind closed doors. I minister to their heart as the Lord gives me the opportunity, but I will never condemn them. Yet neither can I condone their choice to embrace this most costly sin. Foremost, I want them to know that I love them, without condition. There are times when I actually wish that there was an asterisk somewhere in God’s word that made a special provision for those who are truly in love, or those who believe they were born this way, or for those who are otherwise so amazingly good.

But…..It comes down to this, and this is where each reader of these words must make a decision. Do you believe God’s word is true and applicable for today? See, I choose to believe that it is, and in the Bible it says that the homosexual will not inherit the Kingdom of God. So if I truly believe the Word of God and it says that the homosexual will not inherit the Kingdom of God, it is not compassion for me to turn a blind eye and let them fall into eternal torment…It would be hate for me to accept or condone this lifestyle. What kind of a person would cheer on any activity that would eliminate another person’s opportunity to spend eternity with God?

So if you choose to believe that the Bible is a worn out method of living, and that it is an ancient book of fairy tales, you can then feel free to decide what is right and what is wrong in your own eyes. You will no longer have any universal authority. But be warned, when each man rejects a single moral authority and can then decide for himself what is right and permissible and what is wrong and taboo, that society is headed towards annihilation. It will unravel as Rome did, as it fell from within from moral decay and corruption.

The Bible says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is unchanging. He did not provide a set of Scriptures for the first century, and those Scriptures not apply today. I believe that the enemy has done a masterful job of painting Believers into a corner. Most gay people demand that we either condone and agree with what they do, or we are hate-mongers, homophobes, and fascists. I believe that there is room for a compassionate response. I do not see a man or a woman who practices this lifestyle as too far gone, or any more sinful than an adulterer, a gossip or a consistent liar. It is when we EMBRACE a particular sin that we walk into dangerous territory with God. He has provided a way out through forgiveness, grace and mercy. There is no second chances though if a person dies in their sin. And that breaks my heart.

So I will never condemn or condone. I will not cast a stone, and I will never agree with ANYTHING that can prevent a man or woman from entering the Kingdom of God. So my response is a stance of love, compassion and truth.

In the end, it all comes down to this….Are we going to believe God’s word to be true, or will each man be allowed to determine what is right and wrong? If you choose the latter, and you decide that homosexuality is ok, who are you to say that a man who chooses racism is wrong? Who gets to make the rules?? Maybe it is ok for a man to marry his sister. Who can say that is wrong? If the Word of God is not relevant, where do we gain our moral authority? Why can’t we have each man to be free to do as he chooses?

This will be the result of a people who decide that the moral authority the Lord provided is cancelled. They will no longer have a clear boundary, and sooner or later, anything will be and must be allowed.

So my word to those trapped in homosexuality is this: Is it not hopeless. You were created by a God of love who also created you to be in a passionate relationship with the opposite gender. And if He holds the astounding power of a Creator of this magnitude, it is well within His ability to heal and transform you. There is beauty and hope in a obedient walk with a loving Father. Call to Him. He is waiting. He is listening.   CW


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